Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workshop Wednesday Linky - Math Card Game

Hello Everyone!!  Today I am linking up with Jessica at Ideas by Jivey for Workshop Wednesdays.  Our goal for today is to share our favorite card game. 

(Disclaimer:  I learned this game from a coworker over several years ago and I have taught it to my students every year since.  This is not my original idea.)

How to Play “Bull’s Eye”:

1.  Students are divided into pairs.  Students should spread out.  They will need space to lay out playing cards.
2.  Each pair of students will need a box of playing cards.  In my class, we use the aces as a number 1 and the king as a 0.  I remove all jacks, queens, and joker cards.  (Students can make the numbers higher than 9 by using two cards.  Example: Make 14 by placing an ace and a 4 next to each other.) They will also need a set of math operation symbols.  I often provide them with a number sheet to record their answers.
3.  I call out a number, which I call the “Bull’s Eye Number”, from 1 to 20. 
4.  Students will work with their partner to make number sentences that equal to the Bulls Eye Number.  My students are required to use at least two operation symbols in each number sentence.  In the beginning of the year, I ask them to make 2 number sentences.  By this time in the year, they must form 3 number sentences to provide more of a challenge.  When the pair of students have formed the required number sentences, they call out “Bull’s Eye”! 
(Forgive me for the glare on a few of the cards.)
4.   Students record their number sentences on their recording sheet.  I stay on the same Bull’s Eye Number until majority, if not all, pairs have completed the challenge.  I then call out another Bull’s Eye Number.   Students are to stop and work on the current number, but they are strongly encouraged to go back and complete all incomplete challenges.
(Click on the picture to download a free copy.)

5.  I ask that all recording sheets be completed and turned in to me before the end of the next day.  This allows students time to complete all challenges. (Note:  At the beginning of the year, some of the pairs need the second day.  By November, I hardly ever have pairs that don’t finish each challenge before I call a new “Bull’s Eye Number”.)
6.  As time permits, I have a few pairs share their number sentences on the white board. 
To make the game more challenging you can require students to use certain operations symbols (ex. must use multiplication and subtraction).  You can also require that they use certain numbers in their number sentences.  I do these types of challenges the last month or so of the school year.
I hope that you will try this game with your students and that they enjoy playing it as much as my students do!
Don’t forget to stop by Jivey’s blog and learn some new awesome math card games!  Which math game do your students enjoy the most?
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  1. Love this game!!! :) thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! I also love your version. Thanks for hosting such a awesome linky party!

  2. This game looks awesome! I cannot wait to teach my students this game! Welcome to the blogging world. I am on this new adventure of blogging too! I cannot wait to learn from all of your experience!

    Rosie's Rambles

    1. I will be learning from you as well. Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  3. What a great game! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. You are welcome. I am glad you like it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. This is a great game! I love how it requires students to really think in a new and different way! Definitely requires higher order thinking. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Learning to the Core

    1. I hope your students love playing it as much as mine do. Thank you for stopping by my new blog and leaving your blog address so I can come by and visit.