Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ten Pin Linky - Classroom Management

Hello All!!
Unfortunately, on July 1st you will no longer be able to follow and read your favorite blogs through Google Reader.  Bloglovin’ is the next best option!  It is simple to set up an account and add the blogs you are currently following.  If you haven’t done so, please click on the button to the right to follow my blog through Bloglovin’.  I was a little over three-quarters of the way to my first milestone giveaway and hope to regain those numbers and more through Bloglovin’.

Now for the good stuff...  I am linking up with Ashley at Just Reed to show you some of my favorite classroom management pins from Pinterest. 


Here are my top 10 picks:

I am changing my classroom theme this year and this basket would look great in it!  I would love to take out my two filing crates and change them over to baskets.  All you need to do is find a basket with the inside measurements that will fit your letter size files. The interior measurement of this chest is 12x12 inches. To securely hang letter or legal-size files inside, add an adjustable hanging file frame from an office supply store.
I have a small collection of comic books that I allow my students to read occasionally and this would be the perfect holder for them.  This can be purchased at IKEA. 

I have space under a large bulletin board that could use a little bit of lovin’.  I can always use extra storage spaces and my students will enjoy having another comfy place to read and work.

I use clothes pins to hold students work in my classroom.  Why didn’t I think of doing this in the hallway as well?  I love how convenient it is in my room and I love that it is easy for my students to place their own work on the board.  I will definitely do this for the hallway this year!  This pin is from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten Blog.

This is great way to keep flashcards organized.  The boxes that they come in never last more than a week with my students.  Now, I am on the lookout for the royal blue or green ones.
I don’t have carpet on my floor and the groups of desk take on a life of their own and start move all over the room.  I will be purchasing some zip ties from Home Depot to place on the legs of the desk. 
I love the pencil holder made from a straw dispenser and the eraser dispenser made from a bubble gum jar.  I just ordered the straw dispenser and hope to find a bubble gum jar at a yard sale.  This pin is from Teaching Maddeness’s Blog.
This is such a fantastic idea.  I use interactive notebooks for reading, math, and social studies.  I will need to add a ribbon and an envelope in the back of each of their books.  The ribbon will be great for easily locating the last page or a page that I would like to grade.  The envelope is perfect for the times when the students cut out materials but we don’t have time to finish adding them to their books.  This is a safe place to leave cut outs until we can continue.      
I use these binder clips all the time.  The original poster used paper and modge podge to place the labels on the clips but I have a label maker that will make it much simpler. Adding labels will make it easy to remember what to do with the papers next.
My mother made me pennants to hang in my classroom windows.  I had the hardest time keeping them up on my cement block walls.  I believe this is the answer to my problem.
Head over to Just Reed and take a look at what other great pins bloggers have linked up today. 

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  1. Yay...thanks for linking up! Love, love, love the pencil and eraser dispensers. Also, I love the flashcard organization. I need to do that with math facts and word wall cards. :)