Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It and Two Small Giveaways!

It is time for Tara’s Monday Made It Linky! 

I give it my all to link up each week, but I often fall short of that goal.  I do, however, take time throughout the week to look at all the wonderful things that bloggers have created.
This week I am cheating a bit and my Monday Made Its are "Made By My Mom Monday Made Its".  She made them for me, so doesn’t that count?
My mother is very talented and makes half of the items in my classroom.  If it is to be sewn, sawed, painted, hot glued, or built she did some all of the work!  I thought I better be honest she may be reading this.
I can’t stand clutter!  I need everything in a place and little things I want hidden.  Decorated paint cans are perfect for that!  They are the perfect size, stackable, and sturdy.  My mom has decorated two of them each year over the last four years. 
Here is the picture of the cans fresh from the shelves of Lowes.
Here are pictures of the two new cans after my mother’s creativity and hard work has kicked into gear.
Don’t you LOVE them?  Every year I end up with a new favorite. 
My current paint cans hold pencils, erasers, peppermints, dry erase markers, stickers, marbles, lollipops, and desk fairy coupons.
I haven’t even decided what will go in these two cuties, but I know it won’t take me long to fill them up.
Remember how I said I love hidden storage well next up is a bench.  I have four benches in my classroom (You can see them here.) and needed wanted one more to hold recess games.  Plus the benches are a great place for my students to have a comfy place to sit.
Here are some before pictures of a bench my mother picked up for me at a yard sale.
Here it is after she sanded and painted it.  She also made a pillow to make it more comfortable for sitting.
It definitely looks better and will fit just right into my classroom décor.
Now before you click over to Tara’s blog, 4th Grade Frolics, to see all the marvelous treasures that were created this weekI thought it would be nice to have a quick giveaway. 
I have two products in my store that have are being purchased quite a bit lately.  Tomorrow night, August 13th, I will select two numbers from the comments below. (I would still love to read and respond to your comments even if you aren't interested in winning one of the two products!) 
The first randomly chosen number will receive a copy of my Grammar Interactive Notebook Flaps, which can be found here.
The second randomly drawn number will receive a copy of my Nine Sets of Place Value Task Cards for Older Students.  They can be found here.
Until next time!


  1. The paint cans your mom made are adorable! She should open an Etsy shop and sell them. I think it is precious that she is willing to make items for you and your class! I bet you owe her lots of hugs and love for that! I wish my mom lived closer. She's 3,000 miles away. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Both of your packs look wonderful!

  3. Love the paint cans! Love both of the products. My students could really benefit from the place value practice right now. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. I love the hidden storage! Would love to win any one of your products!

  5. Love your paint cans! Hope you will stop by to see my projects.

    Have a great school year!
    • Carson's Creations •

  6. OMG!!! The paint cans are DIVINE!!!!! I'm thinking I need to make a run to Lowe's (or I suppose Home Depot has them too?) and try my hand....although they won't be nearly as darling as the ones your mom made!!!

  7. I love your bench. I want one, but can't seem to find one I'm willing to pay for. Both of your products look amazing! I am looking for good resources for my 4th grade collection!

  8. The paint cans are such a great idea! I'm definitely going to grab a few and see what I can come up with. I love doing crafty things like that.

    I would be SO super excited to win your Place Value Task Cards!


  9. I just found your blog and love the paint can idea. I will be checking out more of your blog. I wish my mom had this talent (or myself) of creating items. I am just getting into task cards, so I would love to win the place value cards. I have already placed them on my wish list.


  10. My mom also helps me with projects in my classroom. She is one of my biggest blessings! I would love to win either of the products you are giving away. :)

  11. I love those paint buckets...they are too cute!! My kids loved the place value task cards-I'm excited to use them with a new class! Those grammar flipbooks look amazing!!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  12. Your mom is so wonderful. Do you share? I was surprised when my new batch of 4th graders looked at me funny when I asked them to read a six digit number. I might need those place value cards of yours!

  13. I love the paint cans. They look fantastic! I love your new products and would be super excited to win them!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales

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  14. Your mom is very talented, love the paint cans and the benches. I wish I had some crafting talent but unfortunately I don't. I teach math and I would love the place value cards.

  15. I absolutely love your crafty paint cans! I have one in my room that I use for "Fill the Bucket". I also think your products are fabulous!


  16. Wow! The interactive Grammar set looks great! I'm heading over now to add this to my wish list!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  17. I love your paint buckets! Both of your products look great.

  18. I love your mom's creativity! Isn't it great having special moms? I would love to win either of your products! Thanks for the chance!


  19. Your paint cans are gorgeous! I would love to win either of your popular products. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. I love the paint cans. I never would have thought about them for storage. You bench also turned out great. Secret storage is fantastic.

    room 4 imagination

  21. Your Monday Made Its by your Mom are adorable! I love the bench storage idea!!!!! I would love to have either of your products.....they look awesome! Thanks for the chance to win one :)