Thursday, August 6, 2015

Assess Me! Week 2: This or That?

I am back to participate in Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher linky.  I am enjoying finding out what I have in common with other bloggers. 
Here are my answers:

Jeans are a definite!! I can dress them up or down.

Earrings won’t leave the house without them

Big Pimpin’ Who? What?

Silver goes well with anything

City I am allergic to grass and trees I would die in the country!

In Store I MUST try on my clothes before purchasing.

Showers I can easily wash my hair.

Story keeper I much rather keep it to myself.

Homebody I stay busy, but I like to do it from home.

Breakfast Pancakes and orange juice, please!

Tea I don’t like the smell of coffee.

Early bird This one is new for me I use to be able to stay up at night.

Undone I like to be comfortable jeans, nice shirt, and flats are heaven!

Thunder I don’t like either, but thunder is the less of the two evils.

Flats I like to be comfortable!

Airplane Quickest way, please!

Girls or New Girl TV show??  I’ve never watched them.

Central Air Again, I like to be comfortable!

Go visit The Tattooed Teacher to see who else has linked up!

Until next time!

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