Monday, December 29, 2014

Faith, My One Word Resolution!

Hello!  Do you remember my little neglected blog?  It has been a LONG time since I last blogged.... six months!  For those of you who were actually reading my blog; I am sorry that so much time has passed by.

Life has gotten a tight hold on me and I must admit it hasn’t been the good side of life.  Something in my life must change in order for me to be able find that slice of happiness that we all deserve.

That brings me to this wonderful linky, One Word Resolutions, which is being hosted by Primary Powers.  The linky is simple, yet can be as meaningful as you make it!
The word that I need to live by for 2015 is FAITH.  I am going to have to embrace a true faith in God. I must realize that the plan He has for me is better than the plan I have for myself.  I hope to develop the faith needed to realize that things will get better and times won’t always be so difficult.  I must allow my faith to be bigger than my fear. Faith that while I believe things are falling apart, things may actually be falling into place.  Faith that my loneliness is not permanent, but temporary to give me time to reflect.  Finally, to remember that faith in God requires faith in His timing!

If you are still reading Thank you!  Writing this has been therapy for my soul and has given me a way to hold myself accountable.

If you have not linked up with Primary Powers; go now and share your One Word Resolution. 

I will be back and SOON.  I hope you will be, too!


  1. Last year my word was faith. I needed to truly learn what it meant to surrender and trust and realize that the way I had done things---my way---wasn't His way and was part of my problems. I'm still a work in progress, but realize that I truly can do anything through Christ. Here's to having the faith to push through or be still depending on His will. Welcome back to blogging!

    Swinging for Success

  2. I deeply believe that all things work out in the end and that they happen on purpose. I'm glad to see you blogging again and hope that you can find other outlets to enjoy your slice of life.

  3. I just ran across your blog. I love your cause and effect freebies. God has truly blessed you with the skill to create and teach. I'm sorry for whatever your going through. I have also had a few rough months and have had to stop and remember that there is nothing God can't handle. I read recently to pray harder when life is the hardest. That couldn't be more true. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure that God will reveal his actions in his time. Keep inspiring.

  4. Aw... great word and reminders. My daughter has amazing faith and often reminds me that everything happens for a reason. For me, when FEAR is running rampant I have such a hard time holding tight to my faith. Someone told me once that F.E.A.R. stands for: future events appearing real. So many times those events that rob my serenity never materialize or have a way of working out.