Saturday, July 20, 2013

Classroom Purchases, Winners Announced, and OH NO! Not My Laminating Pouches!

I want to thank everyone that stopped by my blog this week to help me celebrate reaching 100+ Followers.  Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway and they are

#56 Kim V. - $25.00 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers

#194 Katie O - $50.00 worth of products from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

#245 Kristi Box of my favorite teacher/school supplies
I have sent each of you an email.

I have purchased a few things for my classroom and I thought I would share some of my purchases with you.

1.  A.C. Moore Craft Store had these wonderful storage boxes on sale and I couldn’t pass by them without picking up four for my classroom.  They are a jean print, which I ABSOLUTELY love!


·      they fold down easily to store them over the summer

·      sturdy enough for my 4th graders to sit on with a cushioned top (I had one of my 14 year old sons test it out for me.)

·      remove the lid for hidden storage

They also come in several animal prints.

2.  I purchased new borders for my classroom from Carson Dellosa.  I ordered the wood planks and grass border.  These will work well with my camping theme.

3.  Fleece is perfect for classroom pillows and to cover the tops of sitting benches.  My mother sews pillow covers for my classroom when I change themes and I just slip off the old cover and put on the new ones.  Since they come off so easily, I wash them about 4 times a year.  The fleece washes well and my students love the feel of it, too.   I will show you my new pillows next month when I post about my finished classroom.  Here are the pictures of the fabrics.

The fleece was purchased at JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts, Hancock Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby.

It feels good to have some things marked off my to-buy-list.

Now for some heartbreaking news!  Last week, I was informed by a manager at my local Sam’s Club that they will no longer carry the laminating sheets that come in the 200 count pack for $20.00.  They will be replaced sometime in late August but he doesn’t know which brand, the quantity, or the new price. He did say that Sam's Club still had some in the warehouse that can be purchased online.  I ordered 3 packs but should have purchased 6!  I hope the replacements are of the same quality and are still at a great price.
What purchases have you made for your classroom in the past week?

I just posted a new back to school item in my TPT Store. 

This is a great back to school activity for your students to complete in class and share with their classmates. It will also make a great keepsakes to take home.

You will find step by step directions, including pictures of each step, on how I put together this paper bag book. This is only my suggestion but you are free to have your students put it together any way you choose.

This is a list of the pages:

Title Page (I have included two different ones.)
All About Me (2 pages and 1 for the pocket)
My Family (2 pages)
The Strong Me (2 pages and 1 for the pocket)
My Goals for School and Home (2 pages)
My Favorites (2 pages and 1 for the pocket)
My School (2 pages)
My Classmate (2 pages and 1 for the pocket)
I also included to blank pages.
I encourage my students to color the page borders to brighten up their books.
I will send a free copy to the first person that guess how many students I currently have on my class list for the upcoming school year.  You can purchase one here.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I love this first week activity! So cute! I'm guessing you have 24 students?

  2. You have got so many wonderful creative ideas. I love the paw prints on the material you bought today. I am heading to Sam's tomorrow to see if our Sam's has any laminating film pouches left. I do know that Amazon has a box of 100 for $16, which I thought was a good deal since I haven't bought any lately. But, Sam's is way better. I am hoping you are not like our classes here as far as class size as we are bursting at the seams. I taught 4th grade for 7 years before I went into special education. I loved how much they grew up in that year.
    As to your number of students: I am going to guess 28.
    Thanks for sharing all of your hard work and creativity with us.